7.25" Square Ganache Frame

7.25" Square Ganache Frame
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Ganache Frame help you to easily create super smooth ganached lids for your cakes.

The lids can be made in premade, just place each lid in between parchment paper and store it in the fridge.

Instructions on to how to use your ganache frame:

1.    Place a piece of parchment paper on your work surface and place the ganache frame on top of the paper (make sure to place your parchment onto a moveable work surface as you will need to lift it into the fridge)

2.     Place ganache in the centre of the ganache frame and spread it until it has evenly filled the frame

3.    Remove any excess ganache with a scraper and level out your ganache and place same into the fridge to set (approx 30 mins)

4.     Once it has set smooth the top of your lid with a hot spatula.   Run a hot knife around the inside edge of the frame so that same can be easily removed.  

5.    Secure your lid to your cake by placing a small amount of ganache on top your cake and placing your lid carefully in place 

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